A Before & After: A 100 sqm bare space turns to one’s very own hotel suite

Shown above is the glass enclosed master’s anteroom and home office of the newly designed 100 sqm. bare space.

The photo below shows the original turn over condominium unit.



Seen are the doors of the two small bedrooms that enjoy the beautiful pool view, the bathroom,  and the bare space that is allocated for the living and dining rooms. The living and dining rooms have not much light source with these bedroom doors closed.




The master’s bedroom.


In this newly designed boutique hotel inspired space, the entrance to the unit opens to a hallway leading the living and dining room.




The two small bedrooms are merged to house the living and dining areas.  Now, both the owner and their guests can enjoy the beautiful pool view with the natural sunlight illuminating it. A glass wall replaces the concrete wall that shows off the open shelf display of the master’s ante- room/ office. The bathroom door is seen still on the same location.




A sectional sofa is utilized to accommodate more seating in the living room. The glass wall showcasing the owner’s select art pieces and book collection provides an interesting backdrop and is meant to initiate more intimate conversations.




The master’s bedroom is laid out to accommodate a walk in closet leading to the bathroom. Storage spaces are designed to look like paneled walls with lighting feature.



Back to back headboard and walk-in drawer niche rolled into one. Photo shows the door to the master’s bathroom.


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.05.21 PM