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A Design Fit for a Tween

Do you remember the awkward age of twelve when clothes are either too small or too big and nothing fits just right; the age when you’re too old to be a child and too young to be a teenager?

Nowadays, this awkward preteen stage is more popularly called as tween. Designing the perfect bedroom for a tween is like finding the perfect clothing. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, the design should be ready to serve the everyday lifestyle needs like organization, functionality and flexibility.

There are a lot of physical and emotional changes expected to happen when you’re a tween. So most importantly, the design should be ready for the transition!


Maia Wang shares.

Style I remember requesting for the room to not be girly. My room is feminine, but not overly so.


On Functionality

The design definitely defines my lifestyle. It has bookshelves to fit all the books I own, which is really convenient because I don’t have to leave my room to get another after I’ve finished them.

It also has a whiteboard that doesn’t exactly look like one so that I can write reminders without it looking out of place.


I do like my hidden storage spaces because they allow me to put a lot of extra possessions inside without cluttering up the room, because I’m not exactly the neatest person.


My Very Own

I have a lot of spaces to express myself. There’s the wooden space just above my bed where I strung polaroids that came with Taylor Swift’s 1989. I also write messages and quotes on my whiteboard, and my bookshelf is filled with a lot of different books, and some trinkets as well.



I enjoy the different lighting schemes because I can use them for different purposes. When I need a lot of light, for example when I’m studying or writing, I use the bright white light. However, when I’m not doing anything in particular, for example using Tumblr or reading, I use the yellow mood lights because they’re more relaxing.


Best Feature

I like my bookshelf. It’s big enough to accommodate an immense amount of books, but it still looks aesthetically pleasing, especially with the mood light on.

Maia Wang shares, “I remember requesting for the room to not be girly. My room is feminine, but not overly so.”

This used to be tween now happily enjoys her teen years and her bedroom was perfect for the transition.

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