Show and Tell

Throwback: An Afternoon with the Masters

Aline Delfino-Bautista with National Artist Napoleon Abueva

Posing for National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon Abueva in the event, “The Breast-feeding Madonna and Child –An Afternoon with the Masters” ¬†(August 2005)

It was a very rare opportunity to witness the masters of the Philippine Art in action all together.

Sitting as motionless as I could while breast feeding my son, I watched the masters of the Philippine art walk by us all the models — like window shopping seemingly looking for something.

A man stopped in front of me, set up his station and in a few minutes, his hands started working.

I didn’t realize then that this man is Napoleon Abueva, National Artist for Sculpture and known as the Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture.

Filipino Masters Teresita Duldulao, Napoleon Abueva, Janice Young, Juvenal Sanso, and Araceli Limcaco Dans at Work 


Abueva Works
The masterpiece by Napoleon Abueva


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