Hotel Visit: The Avant-Garde Nyx, Milan


As if the almost naked statues with orange shades at the entrance that greet upon arrival don’t surprise;    you’ll find toilet bowls sandwiching the main elevators without much adieu!

The entrance seemingly is regularly grand — not until you notice the two quietly standing in the corner.  Then, you have to take a second look.


The Nyx, Milan is a lifestyle hotel and is the first Nyx in Europe. It belongs to the Leonardo Hotels Group.

I didn’t know what to expect of this hotel since my husband did all the choosing and  the booking for me.

Ohhh … visually surprising it is!

 Various artworks from local artists surround the hotel interior.

The unconventional mix of machuca tiles, leather, wood, glass, painted wall and patterned wall papers seem offbeat to put together, but with its consistent use with the other design elements….. VOILA!  It heads straight to its design direction!

If its aim is to give guests a one of a kind stay in combining street art and installations , at the same time providing convenience, then in my experience, Nyx, Milan successfully brought it all to the table.