Hotel Visit: The Whimsical Maison Moschino

Sleeping in a Ball Gown Room, Hotel Moschino Milan (2014)

“This is a chance to live a fantasy!” I blurted.

Lighted poodles and sheep suspended from the ceiling greet me at the main lobby. I entered Hotel Moschino in Milan and found myself in a dream.

This was summer of 2014. I was lucky to have a unique visual  and physical experience of oversized gowns used as headboards and bed amidst forest trees.

Walk with me as I relive the senses awakened by the used to be Maison Moschino in Milan.

As a designer , I loved how this hotel design stimulated different senses and so much more.

Now, on this location is Hotel NH Milano Palazzo Moscova with more regular designed rooms.

But the uniqueness in design Hotel Maison Moschino brought, I will never forget!


The Forest Room (2014)This boutique hotel allowed guests to experience living in a dreamworld and not just feeling at home.



We’re all afraid of the bees! This room gave the guests a chance to sleep safely and soundly  with a giant bee designed light fixture hanging over the bed. Very out of this world!

Luxurious Attic (2014)

Little Red Riding Hood (2014)


The restaurant in Maison Moschino (2014)



If experience in wonderland for the guests was the goal of the creative team of Hotel Moschino Milan,  then I must say they did an awesome job! Now that Hotel NH sits on this location, I’m in search for another hotel that can ever deliver the same experience.


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