Interiors Show and Tell

Discovering Stylenanda Pink Hotel

Walking along the shopping streets of Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea for the first time, I leisurely gaze at the boutique stores one after another from outside.

My eye locks into this pink building in front of me. Like having some sort of magnet, it draws me to the inside.

Popping my head inside the store, the name reads Stylenanda Pink Hotel.

It takes some time for me to realize what it actually really is.

            View of the entrance ( photo above)


Sylenanda Pink Hotel in Myeong-dong, Seoul South Korea, is really not a hotel. It is the flagship store of Stylenanda, a Korean brand selling women’s clothes, accessories, make-up and all sorts.

The store interior is an eye candy no doubt. It gives the place a perky elegant feel that extends all the way to the merchandise.



The brass plate reads rooms on the 3F. What could actually be there?

Up in the 3rd Floor are rooms,  alright…. fitting rooms lined up like guest rooms.



What’s on the menu today?

In Stylenanda, beds are up in the air.

Upon reaching the 4rth Floor, I find myself in the laundry room. Casual and perky clothes are what you’ll see here!

Denim shorts, casual shirt and relaxed outfits in the Nanda Laundry Floor.

This boutique hotel inspired interior design communicates the image of the brand. Apart from that, it easily captures passersby to notice the store amidst a busy shopping street like Myeong-dong.

The interior design is successful in grabbing attention and makes sure passersby find it hard to resist coming in–with the aim that visit makes the sale.

Well, it’s time for me to check out but I’m definitely checking back in again.